Wednesday, January 7, 2009

they pray but become prey........

let me start this blog with my first posting on the subject of why you see many people pray but later on they become prey to the predators whom never even bother to pray in the first place. Funny isn't it. But lets not be fun about it because most of us fall into this category. Lets assume that you are in London and was looking for direction to the Buckingham palace. You pass by a guy whom you seem to believe that he knows what you are looking for. As you begin to explain, the guy seems to show you a blank face as he actually not a local and infact a refugee from Bosnia who don't even understand English. Does this scenario gives any hint to you. Yes, your prayers were not answered because you are not asking it from the Almighty Allah SWT but you merely assume you have ask from the Almighty. You don't even know who is the Almighty. It may happened that you actually make your prayer to your assumption of the Almighty Allah SWT. f you really prayed to the Almighty Allah SWT then your prayer will be answered without fail with patience of course. If we know to whom that we suppose to pray, then we'll not make the prayer as short as possible or in such a hurry. Why do we make salutations to the Queen as though we should not even killed an ant on the process,but when we pray we lack of concentrations, our minds travel elsewhere and we wish it to end the soonest possible. Simply because, we see the Queen infornt of us and we believe that she is also watching us, but when we pray we did not put full believe that the Almighty Allah SWT is watching us and we never felt the presence of Allah SWT just because we cannot see God. Well for not being able to see God is the beauty of life as God want to see how is it that we really believe that God exist and on how well do we engage into something invisible but traceble. Solet chek upon ourselves today and find out wether do we pray as though Allah SWT sees us and if not don't blame anyone why we become prey to our prayers. WALLAH'HUA'LAM .

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